Dermamelan – skin discolorations removal

Dermamelan Laboratorium Mesoestetic is a therapy that eliminates skin discolorations of various etiology and every skin type. Mesoestetic Dermamelan is especially effective in eliminating hormonal discolorations (melasma) of oily and combination skin since the preparation not only enables effective riddance of chloasmas but also regulates sebum secretion, narrows pores and effectively adds natural brightness to our skin. Mesoestatic DERMAMELAN® is based on the use of substances inhibiting tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanine forming process. Active substances in DERMAMELAN preparations block this enzyme or reverse metabolic transformations in melanogenesis. In Mesoestatic DERMAMELAN depigmentation therapy both mask and cream contain the same active substances, only their concentrations vary. In DERMAMELAN mask concentration of depigmenting substances is higher. It aids their penetration into deeper skin layers and allows to obtain optimal concentration of depigmenting substances in melanosomes.