Laser aesthetic medicine (CO2 laser, fractional laser)

CO2 laser – the mechanism of action:

CO2 laser has been used in aesthetic medicine since 1964. The mechanism of action is based on emitting a beam of light (invisible to the eye) with a wavelength of 10 600 nm, which is absorbed by extracellular and intracellular water. When laser energy is absorbed by hydrated tissue, it evaporates and it creates coagulation areas – thanks to which there is no bleeding during the procedure. The size of coagulation area depends on ingle laser impulse duration. With the impulse of less than 1 ns, the coagulation area is minimal. Modern CO2 lasers are equipped with superplus and ultraplus functions, which work on impulse mode with the time of a single impulse measured in microseconds and nanoseconds. The procedure is not connected with any thermal damage of surrounding tissues, therefore a healing process is scarless.


  • warts
  • fibroids
  • genital warts (condylomata acuminata)
  • cherry hemangiomas
  • some colored marks (e.g. moles)
  • some scars
  • some skin lesions


  • active infection around the treated area (e.g. herpes)
  • keloid and hypertrophic scar tendency

There are no contraindications for children and pregnant women if there is a need of carrying out the procedure, it also applies to tanned skin. 

Phases of procedure:

  1. Anaesthesia
    In the case of few cosmetic changes (e.g. flat warts, cherry hemangiomas) it is not necessary – there is sense of heat and sting then.
  2. Laser removal of a given change
  3. In the place of evaporated tissue a brown crust appears. Minor wounds can be washed with soap and water and disinfect with spirit preparation. In the case of bigger wounds a breathable plaster is applied. Crusts on face and neck can be covered with makeup if there is a need. Healing process takes from a few days to 3-4 weeks. Since there is a risk of skin discoloration, sunbathing is forbidden.

Fractional laser:

Fractional CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine is a perfect solution allowing to improve skin quality thanks to fibroblast stimulation, which produce more new collagen fibres. Fractional laser treatment gives great effects in reducing scars (including acne scars), stretch marks or achieving an overall face rejuvenation.

The mechanism of action:

Laser is equipped with a special scanning head which allows to achieve thousands of microscopic points of damaged tissue, which are developed by heated tissues, which later on evaporate. While, the skin around remains healthy. The intact areas promotes regenerating process of evaporated tissues, thanks to which skin density is improved, the skin is smoothened and rejuvenated.


  • lift and rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, neckline, hands and eyelids
  • stretch marks reduction
  • skin quality improvement
  • elimination of wrinkles
  • skin changes therapy connected with photo-aging
  • removal of acne, post-injury and burn scars
  • reduction of widened skin pores


  • high effectiveness and long-lasting effects
  • recovery and healing process takes only a few or dozen days
  • relatively short duration of a procedure and an acceptable level of complaints
  • the effects are visible right after the skin heals up and the quality of effect rises with weeks after the procedure
  • small risk of side effects


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • tendency to keloids
  • active herpes
  • taking immunosuppressants and light sensitizing drugs
  • use of certain ointments such as retinoids, which contain retinol
  • skin cancer
  • lately tanned skin

Phases of procedure:

  1. Anaesthesia
    Local intradermal or subcutaneous application of anaesthetic preparation – during the procedure the patient can sense heat, delicate stings and burning.
  2. Laser vaporization of a certain area of the skin. The procedure duration depends on the size of the skin area, it can take from 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. During the first hours after the procedure the patient can have a sensation similar to excessive tanning – swelling and reddening, sometimes oozing and bronzed skin which has undergone the procedure. These symptoms can last a few days. Cuticle scaling can also appear, then it should not be mechanically removed but moisturized with vaseline or other similar substances. It is not recommended in everyday skincare routine to wash the skin, which has underwent the procedure, with water. It is better to use delicate cleansing agents. For at least 30 days it is forbidden to use solarium and sauna, sunbathe or have hot baths. What is more, the skin should be shielded from the sun and its UV radiation with sunscreen creams.