Restylane Skinlift – eliminating aging symptoms

Restylane Skinlift - likwidowanie oznak starzenia. Medycyna estetyczn. dr n. med. Dalia Chrzanowska

Restylane Skinlift Light is a new Galderma treatment, which is an alternative for a surgical scalpel. RESTYLANE SKINLIFT has been specially developed for patients, who have visible signs of facial aging connected with drooping tissues. The procedure can be performed on the whole face or only certain areas. The most frequently problematic are drooping cheeks, sunken tear valley or deepen nosolablial folds.

Over the years the skin produces less and less building substances such as: natural hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen, consequently the skin becomes thinner, less flexible and the first wrinkles appear. Additionally, in some parts of our skin we lose hypodermic fatty tissue, which supports and provides the skin with pleasant fullness. Therefore, dark circles around the eyes, drooping temples and chubby cheeks appear. In order to lift the drooping parts of the skin effectively and restore its tenderness, the doctor uses two types of preparations during one procedure: Restylane Perlane and Restylane Vital.

Restylane Perlane contains stabilized hyaluronic acid of the biggest lifting power above all fillers. The preparation does not relocate, that’s why it constitutes an ideal support for drooping skin. Restylane Vital is a deeply hydrating and revitalizing preparation, which smoothes out fine wrinkles and promotes production of natural collagen. Both preparations are essential to achieve a full effect. The first preparation lifts the skin and keeps it in the right place, whereas the second one smoothes out and rejuvenates the skin.

Restylane Skinlift procedure can be carried out with a needle or canula. It is painless, because preparations contain anaesthetics. If there is a need, the doctor can also use additional anaesthetic cream before the procedure. In case of younger skin, when the symptoms of drooping tissues are not visible yet, RESTYLANE SKINLIFT LIGHT can be applied. It takes about 30 minutes. The effects are visible straightaway. The skin is often slightly red after the procedure and small bruises in the area of injections can appear. These symptoms usually quickly disappear. It is extremely important to have the procedure carried out by a professional and certified doctor, which has got appropriate knowledge and experience. The addresses of recommended beauty salons, where Restylane Skinlift can be carried out, can be found on